When you are finished broadcasting, keep your viewers engaged by replaying a previous broadcast. Your previous broadcasts are stored with Volume, so you are able to play them while you are offline. Only fan club members and viewers who have tipped you AMPs can chat in your room while in replay mode!


Starting a Replay

Your replays are located in your collections. To access your collections, click on your profile in the upper right corner. In the dropdown menu, select 'Collection'.


Your Collection contains your past streams as well as purchased streams and content from other artists. Select 'My Past Streams' to access streams you are able to replay.


In the My Past Streams tab you will see your past broadcasts.



For replays you do not want to make public, you can edit their visibility, description, and price by selecting the pencil icon on the bottom left.


Set your replay by clicking the camera icon under the stream you would like to replay.


Clicking this icon will start a Replay of the video on your stage. Your stage will also be visible on the Volume homepage during this time! Please allow some time for the replay to begin.



Additional options:

Change your previous stream subject by clicking the pencil icon


Download your previous broadcast by clicking the down arrow icon (Note:


Delete a previous broadcast by clicking the red trashcan icon




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