Mobile Broadcasting: Setup

Mobile Broadcasting on Volume

You can stream from your mobile device on Volume by using our in-browser broadcast tool or by using an external encoder app on your phone.
To broadcast on the mobile site, visit on your mobile device and log into your account.  Our recommended browsers are as follows:
Device OS Browser
iOS (Apple) Safari
Android Chrome
To begin, tap the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner of the homepage, and from the menu select "Broadcast BETA"
At this point, your phone will ask for your permission to access your microphone and camera.  Be sure to allow access to both your camera and microphone or you will be unable to broadcast.
Next, you will need to rotate your mobile device into ‘Landscape’ to continue to the broadcasting page.  On iOS devices, you will need to turn your phone to the right.
After your mobile device has been rotated to landscape mode, you will then be presented with the broadcast screen. On this screen we can begin broadcasting to your audience, however, please ensure your camera is properly adjusted and you are ready to go live. Simply tap the record button as highlighted in the orange box below and you’re ready to go. Please note your broadcast will remain active until you have ended your stream by using the stop button located in the same position.
[[ NEED NEW SCREENSHOT of broadcast preview in landscape mode ]]

Notes about Mobile Broadcasting

At this time, only the front-facing camera can be used for mobile broadcasting.  To select a different camera, you can use the desktop site broadcasting tools or an external encoder app.
When using our mobile broadcasting tool, you can view chat messages and PMs sent in your room but cannot send chat messages. If you would like to respond in chat to viewers in your room, you can log into your room on a separate device and access your broadcast page to chat.
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