Broadcasting Basics

Set Up Your Stream

Welcome to streaming on!  Any account can broadcast; all you need to do to get started is visit

Below are some resources for setting up your stream:

The Broadcast Tab

The Broadcast tab at the top of the homepage is the home base for any artist performing on Volume. This support article will highlight important aspects of the Broadcast tab.


Edit the title of your broadcast by clicking the "Edit Stage Subject". Be sure to add hashtags to your subject! These hashtags are searchable using the search field at the top of the website or by accessing the "Tags" tab on the homepage.



Notify your followers when you go live on Volume by clicking the "Notify your followers that you're broadcasting" button.



After your broadcast is complete, be sure to "Rush" another stage with your viewers by clicking the "Rush" button.


Rules and Privacy

Before broadcasting, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct and Terms for the full and up to date rules.


Protect your Privacy

It’s important to protect your privacy. Keep in mind these important tips:

  • Be mindful of revealing your PII (personally identifiable information) to reduce the likelihood of being a target of doxxing (disclosure of your personal information). Also keep in mind what are you displaying on cam and if it could be tied back to your PII, such as shipping labels, papers lying around, landmarks, etc.
  • We strongly advise you to never give out your location or information which could be used to figure out your location.

On the Settings & Privacy tab of your broadcast page, you can find the following privacy settings:

  • List my cam on the homepage: this controls whether your stream is publicly available on the homepage
  • Password required for others to view your cam: setting a password on your stream restricts access to only those who you have provided with the password.  This is a great setting to use when you are setting up your stream and aren't ready to broadcast publicly yet!
  • Block access to users in these countries/regions: you can block viewers in a particular country or region from viewing your stream if you'd like.  Although regional blocking is a helpful tool, please note people do travel and there are tools out there to change one's IP address, so it is possible people in a blocked area might see your broadcast and/or account.

When broadcasting, you have control over who is allowed to chat in your room and view your broadcast.  If you click on a username in Chat, you have the following options:

  • Silence for 6 hours: this prevents a user from chatting in your room for 6 hours
  • Ban/Kick: this kicks a user out of your room.  They are not able to view your stream or chat in your room until the ban expires.  Bans expire after one month by default.

In Chat Settings, you can manage your existing bans and silences by clicking the View/Edit Bans and Silences link.  Here you can remove or extend existing silences and bans as well as add other users to your ban list if needed.



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