What is a moderator?

Moderators are appointed to work alongside artists to enforce the artist's rules and to maintain the expected behavior of the chat room, enabling the artist to focus on performing. Perhaps the most important job a moderator has is to watch the chat log during the broadcast. By carefully examining what is being said by viewers during the broadcast, moderators can silence a user for breaking any rules an artist might have.

Moderators can communicate directly with the artist and give insight to viewers should a problem with the broadcast arise. Certain language, requests, or behavior might be offensive to the artist, and it is up to the moderator to decide whether or not to continue to allow that person to chat. Ideally, a moderator is someone who is familiar with the dynamics of the artist's community.

Artists have the ability to set an expiration for Moderators on Volume. The options are from 1 day to 6 months. This can be set under the gear icon above the chat window on the broadcast page.


Moderators are identified in chat by their red username.

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