In-Browser Audio Effects

Audio Effects

The Audio Effects tab located on the Broadcast page provides artists with studio-quality effects without the need to install or set up any additional programs. With just a microphone or instrument plugged into your computer or interface, you can add dynamic effects like compression or time-based effects like reverb and delay. Additionally, you have the ability to manipulate frequencies with EQ and adjust sound placement with panning. 

To access and use in-browser effects, start your broadcast using our in-browser broadcast tool at . The "Audio Effects" tab will appear underneath your broadcast after you have started broadcasting.



Spectrum Analyzer: Visual representation of the frequency information of the input signal that Volume is receiving.


Waveform: Gives a visual representation of the amplitude of the input signal that Volume is receiving. 


Metronome: Allows the user to set a metronome to desired BPM and play along to it.


Tuner: Allows the user to digitally tune their instrument via line input or microphone. 


Backing Track: Allows the artist to upload an audio file to play along. Includes play/pause/skip.




Reverb: Adds artificial room reverberations to the users signal.

Compressor: Levels out the input signal. Amplifying quiet sounds and reducing the volume of louder signals into a specified range.


Gate: Cuts out signal below a specified threshold. (Useful for fan noise or A/C noise that is constantly in background)


Limiter: Squashes signal above a specified threshold. (Useful to prevent loud noises from cutting through a performance)


Delay: A delay stores audio signal and plays it back via the settings provided by the user. This is based on time/tempo.  

Equalizer:  Low, mid, and high frequency band adjustments for the input signal to balance out to users desired sound.






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