Speed Test Guide

Upload Bandwidth

We recommended a minimum of 20 Megabits per second (Mbps) download and 5 Mbps upload speed for HD quality.

Below are the recommended upload speeds for HD resolution streaming

Resolution  Minimum Upload Speed
 1280x720  5 mb/s
 1920x1080  10 mb/s
 2560x1440  16 mb/s
 3840x2160 (4K)  20 mb/s


To find your upload bandwidth, you will need to run a network speed test. We recommend using http://volumevideo.speedtestcustom.com/. When the speed test is finished running, you will see the final result of your upload speed test. 


Make the most of your internet connection by following these tips:

  • Use a hardwired Ethernet cable connection instead of WiFi
  • If you are using WiFi, try to be as close to the wireless router as possible
  • Check to make sure you and others on your network are not using bandwidth-heavy applications while you are streaming


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