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Volume's Song List feature allows artists to easily manage song requests during their stream. On the broadcast page, artists can add new songs, enable custom requests, and even import their songs directly from  During a stream you can set your song queue to "Vote" mode which will allow users to push their favorite songs up in the queue by tipping more AMPs or "Request" mode to perform songs in the order they are requested.  




Where is it?

You can find the Song List tab on the “Go Live” page.  Scroll down tothe bottom of the page and you will see a  “Song List” tab.


Adding SongsScreen_Shot_2022-01-26_at_4.00.30_PM.png

Click the "music note" button in the top right-hand corner of the Song List to add and remove songs from your queue. 


Settings Screen_Shot_2022-01-26_at_4.00.20_PM.png

Click on the Settings "gear" button to adjust Song List settings for your broadcast.  In this section, you can switch between Song

 List's two modes:  Request Mode and Vote Mode.  


Request mode - allows the audience to request a song.  Requested songs show in the queue in the order that they were requested.


Vote mode - using this mode, requested songs are ordered by tips.  Songs that gain the most tips from your audience will appear at the top of the queue.  



You can control the max length of your queue as well as whether custom requests are allowed.


Importing your song list from is as easy as entering your streamer ID and selecting the “Import Songs” button.  


Managing the Queue

Once you are ready to perform a song, click the check mark - marking the song as playing




To remove a song from the queue click the "X"




Be sure to encourage viewers to check out your song list by clicking on the "Your Songs" button underneath the chat box while they are viewing your stream!







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