Custom Panel

Volume Artists can add their own custom panels to their profile, located in the "About" tab while in the Broadcast page. 

Customs panels can be used to embed links, logos, flyers, digital QR codes, business cards, your SoundCloud and more!


To begin, use the drop down menu to choose Custom Panel and select "Add Panel"


Enter your HTML code as seen below.


Trashcan icon - will delete your Custom Panel. 

Floppy disk "Save" icon  - is used to save your Custom Panel. 

Pencil Icon - is used to edit your HTML code 




To simply add a social media link with an icon, find a social media image you like online and add it to your HTML code. Here is an example below. On the left is the code and on the right is the result of that code.




You can reposition custom panels by grabbing the 2 horizontal lines located at the top and center of the panel, as demonstrated below. 



Embed SoundCloud

Select "Add New Panel" in the drop down menu and choose "SoundCloud Embed" and enter your html code in the designated window.  If you need further instructions on how to find your code, you can go here to learn more about Embedding SoundCloud. 




Sample HTML code:

---Volume Logo---

<img src="">


---Embed Image---

<h1>Enter Custom Message Here</h1>

<img src="" >


---Embed Image with Link---

<a href="">
    <img src="" >


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